Up your Nose…Is bigger better?

1. Breathing is better through the nose. A CPAP machine cannot help you sleep if the nose does not allow air through it. What if the opening to get in is very small. This would make the movement of air reduced or increase the vacuum created to pull air inside thus collapsing the opening. This is called nasal valve collapse. This results in mouth breathing, which causes many other bad things to happen. (refer to blog on mouth breathing) The shape of the opening into your nose is determined genetically. What is the way to improve it for better breathing while sleeping other than plastic surgery? One answer is to use nose cones. They are cone shaped plastic that when fitted into the nose keeps the nose open for better breathing.

2. Further into the nose the tissue maybe swelled. This tissue is the first place in the body that reacts by swelling to allergies. Have you ever been eating when suddenly and annoyingly your nose starts to drip. This is a sign of inflammation or allergy to one of the foods that you are eating. For this chronic condition the traditional medical solution is to spray chemicals up your nose or take allergy pills. A natural alternative is to use a spray called X-Clear to open up breathing. Any inflammation in the body is first displayed with nose tissue swelling. For body wide self treatment of inflammation go to www.deflame.com.

3. Infection in the nose would be a third reason for poor air movement through the nose. If secretions from the nose are clear, which they are 99% of the time, it is a virus infection. Natural solutions are to use fish oil, colloidal silver or if a fungus is present then licorice.

The bottom line is if you can’t breathe through your nose, a CPAP will not work, you will have more restlessness while sleeping (RERA’s) which will cause more night time teeth grinding. When grinding in our sleep, the force is three times stronger than when we are awake thus destroy our teeth and causing jaw joint pain, clicking and popping.