Sleeping with Your Bed Partner Again

As a child, I would remember waking up at night to a loud noise. Emerging from dreaming your mind will play tricks on you. I thought there was a bear in the house. No. It was just my dad snoring in the next room.

Snoring is the sound that is created by the air rushing through a restricted part in the air passage way. Remember when you took a balloon filled with air. If you were to just release the opening all the air would quickly blow out. However, if you grabbed both sides and stretched the opening sideways the air had a smaller opening to move through and would create a higher pitch sound. That is how snoring works. Any type of labored breathing is considered snoring.

The smaller air passage way may be from just the way our anatomy is genetically. Weight gain increases the size of the fat cells which push into and shrinks the air space. As we lose firmness in our neck muscles the space collapses. Prescription drugs also increase snoring. Sleeping pills and muscle relaxers help us get to sleep, but increases snoring which is the sound of poor quality sleep

It can get to be as loud as 90 decibels, which by O.S.H.A. standards requires ear protection. If you have ever lived next to a railroad line, you may remember hearing the train at night going by, but after a while your brain just filters it out.

Snoring increases with menopause, increases headaches, increases type 2 diabetes, increases hardening of the arteries, increases bacteria and viruses in the body, and increases night teeth grinding. In females, snoring alone can increase cardio vascular disease Blood pressure shoots up. My dad had a stroke while he was sleeping because of it..


man covering ears

  1. Free screening at our office and use overnight wrist monitor.
  2. Overnight Sleep Center study prescribed by your physician.
  3. Home Sleep Test prescribed by Dr. Butchert.