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Pain interferes with sleep. Pain can be acute or chronic condition connected to physical stimulation and emotional experience. Acute or short term pain affects falling asleep, awakening, quality of sleep, and the renewing of brain function. Long term effects of chronic pain reported by 25% of the population is a repeating day and night downward spiral. They complain of anxiety, depression, insomnia, apnea, and frequent movement of arms and legs. Prescription medications can interfere with the normal patterns of sleep. Chronic pain medicines like for fibromyalgia, depression treatments and even sleeping pills prevent the restoring effects of quality sleep. Chronic pain creates long term poor sleep which leads to stress and anxiety.

With poor treatment of acute pain, chronic pain can then develop and cause changes in the brain chemistry making treatment more complicated. Self-help habit modification can help improve sleep. Most common effect today is over stimulation from electronic devices. Avoid use and viewing these devices within the last hour before bedtime.



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