Back-to-school season means that it’s back to chaos. Getting kids to and from school and extracurricular activities can leave you less time for other activities, like cooking. Drive-thrus become an appealing time-saver. But before you turn to something that barely qualifies as food, these resources can help you make sure healthy eating is a priority this school year.

sandwich, apple and banana sack lunch

7 School-Lunch Tips For Picky Eaters

School lunches are a health gamble. Some cafeterias offer fresh fruits and whole grains, while others are content to consider the tomato paste on pizza as a serving of vegetables. Many parents decide to pack school lunches in an effort to guarantee their kids are eating healthy. But it can be a challenge to get picky eaters to eat well anywhere. Johns Hopkins Hospital has some tips for parents to get their picky eater to enjoy meals with all the right vitamins and nutrients.

Easy Tricks To Master Family Meal Prep

You might have heard about meal prepping from your trendy, single friend who is somehow able to hit the gym every day. Sure, it’s easy for them to cook all their meals in advance when they don’t have to worry about pleasing a whole family of 6! But the truth is that when you want your family to eat healthy, preparing your meals ahead of time gives you a massive advantage. Here’s what you need to know to start planning meals and keep your whole family happy.

Tips For Eating Well On A Tight Budget

For most people, the hardest part about eating healthier isn’t the time spent cooking; it’s the price! When you have bills to pay every month, it can be hard to justify spending hundreds on whole, fresh foods when the processed options are so much cheaper. But you end up paying for those cheaper options with your health in the long run. Believe it or not, it is entirely possible to start eating healthier without going over your budget. Learn how it’s done with tips from people who make it happen.

Just For Fun: School Lunches Around The World

If you think the differences between school lunches in your district are vast, wait until you check out this video highlighting lunches around the world. The school lunches in France and South Korea will make your square of cafeteria pizza weep with envy.

Here’s to healthy eating!



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