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What causes insomnia? Traditional thought is that it is a psychological condition. That is because psychological disorders like anxiety and depression usually occur along with it. Current medical definition includes a night symptom for a sleep disorder and a day symptom while awake of sleep-associated impairment. It is more common in women than men and as we age.

Other medical conditions that occur with insomnia and be arthritis, cancer, hypertension, chronic pain, coronary heart disease, and diabetes.

Insomnia will also develop from chronic pain. With chronic pain, where you think the pain is coming from, is most often not the source of the pain. Testosterone reduces the perception of pain. This is why men are better enabled to tough it out. Chronic pain treatment can be helped with supplements of Calcium and Magnesium citrate 500mg. Eating sugar increases insulin which increases serotonin which increases melatonin which increases sleep. This is how melatonin can help especially when traveling across time zones.



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