Family vacations don’t have to be complicated. Despite what commercials claim, you don’t need to hop on a cruise ship or pay for expensive theme park tickets to have a good time. You just need a chance to bond with your family. For generations, families have enjoyed the perfect vacation by just packing a tent and heading off into the woods. There’s still time for a big camping trip this summer, and these tips can help you make it the best one ever.

family camping

Genius Camping Tips And Tricks

Maybe you’re already saving your dryer lint to use as fire starter, but what about your Tic Tac containers? Did you know you can recycle those into the perfect spice storage? Your burgers don’t have to be bland! From a DIY lantern to the ultimate supply organizer, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without these crazy cool camping hacks.

Best Campsites In America

Much like homebuying, the perfect camping trip is all about location. Looking for a classic wilderness experience? Yosemite National Park in California is 95 percent designated wilderness. Or maybe your family is into something a bit more unique. New Mexico’s Carlsbad Caverns National Park is an explorer’s dream. The United States is full of amazing camping destinations, from sea to shining sea. Find your family’s new favorite campsite!

Eating Made Easy: The Ultimate Foil-Packet Meals

Cooking over a roaring campfire is part of the camping experience, but hot dogs on a stick aren’t appealing to everyone. Fortunately, it’s entirely possible to enjoy delicious meals like lemon chicken and baked shrimp in the middle of the woods! All you need is a little prep time and a lot of tin foil. Prepare to become the ultimate campfire chef with these amazingly simple foil-packet recipes.

Just For Fun: Summer Camping Trips Gone Wrong

Camping isn’t for everyone. Some people would prefer to stay as far away from nature as possible. And after watching these hilarious camping fails, you can understand why.

Here’s to a great and safe camping trip!



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