Fatigue is a loss of energy, but does not have weakness of strength. It is increased by lack of good sleep. People who have had an overnight sleep study and been diagnosis with no or low sleep apnea may still experience fatigue. It is not helped with coffee.

Then you should think nose. When our nose is not working well, we lose the benefit of air flowing through the nose which adds nitric oxide which helps in our lungs for better oxygen absorption in the blood. Allergies to dust, pollen, dairy products and GMO grains swell and block our nose. This makes us breathe through our mouths losing the benefit of nitric oxide and increasing nausea.

Females tend to experience fatigue in the mornings due to the estrogen sensitizing. Men get more often in the late day. Fatigue leads to depression which affects the nervous system which then leads to anxiety. Depression is linked to our past, and anxiety is concern about the future.

1. Do you wake up with anxiety?

2. Does it happen as the day goes on?

For chronic fatigue, you should consult with a physician. It may be signs of a thyroid problem, diabetes, or electrolyte imbalance from severe nausea or vomiting. Fatigue and sleep problems are one of the most complaints of people with cancer.