Summer is on its way out the door. Soon the kids will be back in school, fall will be rolling in, and the holiday rush will be upon us. But let’s not mourn the end of the season. Instead, let’s celebrate everything that makes summertime awesome. This week, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to planning the best end-of-summer barbecue!

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Add Some Style To Your Summer Barbecue

All you really need for a good barbecue is a grill and some paper plates, but it’s the details that turn a simple cookout into a summer celebration. And it doesn’t take a lot to create a photo-ready setting. With a little care, a simple chalkboard, a bit of planning, and some freshly cut flowers, you can add a unique flair to your gathering. We bet you didn’t know barbecues could also be classy.

The Best Outdoor Party Games

Cornhole and horseshoes are summertime staples, but they’re not the only ways for guests to have fun while they wait for the food to finish grilling. It’s time to bring something new to your outdoor party! Create massive versions of your favorite tabletop games, let kids practice their hand-eye coordination with a pool noodle toss, or get creative with an outdoor chalkboard installation. Let your imagination run a little wild this summer.

38 Recipes For A Perfect End-Of-Summer Party

Let’s talk about what people really come to a barbecue for: the food! You can’t go wrong with a hot dog or veggie burger hot off the grill, but if this is your last summer smash, make it unforgettable! Did you know you can serve banana splits on kabobs? Or that zucchini-tomato bake is easier to make that you’d think? Add these recipes to your cookbook, and serve up the most memorable end-of-summer barbecue ever.

Just For Fun: Hilarious Barbecue Fails

When you plan a big get-together, there’s always a chance something will go awry. But you can rest assured knowing your barbecue will (probably) go better than the ones in this video!

Here’s to the end of summer!



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