How To Spot Cyberbullying Before It’s Too Late

When parents think of bullying, they may picture jocks stealing lunch money or stereotypical mean girls spreading rumors in the school library. But thanks to social media and the digital age, kids today are faced with a more aggressive and constant form of bullying...

Is Pizza Your Kid’s Favorite Vegetable?

Back-to-school season means that it’s back to chaos. Getting kids to and from school and extracurricular activities can leave you less time for other activities, like cooking. Drive-thrus become an appealing time-saver. But before you turn to something that barely...

How to Survive the Dog Days of Summer

From late July through the end of August, the Northern Hemisphere enters something called the “dog days of summer.” Not named after any earthly canine, the nickname “dog days” comes from the ancient Greeks who noticed the star Sirius, also called “the Dog Star,”...

Don’t Let Summer End Without One More Party!

Summer is on its way out the door. Soon the kids will be back in school, fall will be rolling in, and the holiday rush will be upon us. But let’s not mourn the end of the season. Instead, let’s celebrate everything that makes summertime awesome. This week, we’ve put...

3 Things That Will Happen When You Have a Clicking Jaw

Have you ever heard while eating breakfast the “snap, crackle, pop” sound.  It was not the Rice Krispies nor the corner of your tooth breaking off.  As the jaw is moving around you hear this sound or even someone else in the room.  It can come as a surprise, be...

Snoring is a Sign Something is Wrong

Snoring is the sound that is created by the air rushing through a restricted part in the air passage way.  Remember when you took a balloon filled with air.  If you were to just release the opening all the air would quickly blow out.  However, if you grabbed both...










Free Exam, Cavity Detection & 3-D x-ray*


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