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Our team at Lifetime Dental Care is very excited to begin working with you. These are the fantastic individuals that assist Dr. Anthony Butchert in creating your dazzling smile. To learn more about our fun, friendly team members, feel free to read through the following biographies. We also invite you to contact our office today for more information and to set up your next appointment with our dentist in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Anthony Butchert, DDS
Proud member of: ADA, AADSM, AACP, and AAPM

Why have I spent most of my dental career studying TMJ and headache pain, diagnosis, and treatments and now sleep apnea?

Ever since my wife finished high school orthodontics, she suffered from headaches and clicking jaws. Although she had dental guards and bite balancing, not until her joint was treated non-surgically would the daily pain and clicking go away.

Two sibling dentists and TMJ specialists at two university dental schools could not eliminate her pain. Also, my dad was a lifetime snorer with sleep apnea. The tissue vibration caused by snoring contributed to his mouth cancer, which I found and he had removed. Fifteen years later in 2001, dad’s snoring and apnea contributed to his stroke that was caused by high blood pressure and triggered by his sleep apnea.

Modern dental devices are now available to treat mild to moderate sleep apnea without all the hoses of a CPAP machine. There are several dozens of designs to choose from. I can scientifically help choose and provide the most effective one for you.


She has over 5 years experience as a treatment coordinator. She and her husband and two children like camping.


Meg is friendly, bubbly, energetic, gentle and throrough. She has over 25 years experience in the Chippewa Valley.


Megan is calm, professional, kind, empathetic and precise. She loves her cat “Boogie”.


At Lifetime Dental Care, we take pride in walking our patients through every step of their oral care. We want you to be comfortable during your time with us, which is why we invite you to take a tour of our dental office in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and become familiar with our services and welcoming environment. To learn more and to set up your visit with Dr. Anthony Butchert, our dentist, please feel free to contact us today. We look forward to seeing you here soon!










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