Why Did My Adenoids Grow Back?

Have you ever observed children while their attention is focused on something like watching television and you notice that they are mouth breathing? Are they also prone to: 1. Frequent colds, sour throats, and ear infections 2. Nightmares, bed wetting 3. Behavior or...

Cavities Are Caused by Bacteria

Dr. Anthony Butchert Cavities, simply, are openings through the protective structure of the tooth/teeth caused by infectious bacteria. The protective outer surface of the tooth is enamel. At times, due to wear and disease, other areas of tooth structure may be exposed...


Free Exam, Cavity Detection & 3-D x-ray*


*With Insurance: Simple cleaning, comprehensive exam (not 5 min.), x-ray for decay, and 3-D panoramic x-ray. (value $375)

*No Insurance: With a paid $93 simple cleaning, you also get a comprehensive exam, x-ray for decay, and 3-D panoramic x-ray. (value $375)