Do You Have It?

Only a Sleep Physician Can Diagnose The only way to know if you have sleep apnea is to have a sleep test. Traditionally it was done overnight in a hospital sleep lab. About three dozen sensors are attached to you to monitor many things such as pulse, oxygen, snoring,...

There’s a Bear in the House

Sleeping with Your Bed Partner Again As a child, I would remember waking up at night to a loud noise. Emerging from dreaming your mind will play tricks on you. I thought there was a bear in the house. No. It was just my dad snoring in the next room. Snoring is the...


Free Exam, Cavity Detection & 3-D x-ray*


*With Insurance: Simple cleaning, comprehensive exam (not 5 min.), x-ray for decay, and 3-D panoramic x-ray. (value $375)

*No Insurance: With a paid $93 simple cleaning, you also get a comprehensive exam, x-ray for decay, and 3-D panoramic x-ray. (value $375)