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1. We listen to your concerns

2. Guarantee the most complete exam you have ever had

3. Take the time to explain

4. Help prioritize solutions

5. Fit within your budget and insurance

6. Schedule within your busy life


Are You Embarrassed about Your Smile?

Choose simple quick solutions or lifetime results.

If you are in need of dental work of any kind, most likely you need to see somebody RIGHT AWAY.

You might be in severe pain from teeth or gum problems. You might hate the way your teeth look.

You just can’t take one more minute of the horrid tooth ache, the way your smile looks, or the dread of thinking about the pain you’ll be having during procedures…

Whatever the reason you came to our site, you want to know certain things before you’ll make the decision to pull the trigger and get the help you want so much.

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Lifetime Dental… Is A Top 5 Star Rated Eau Claire, WI Clinic That Understands
You Want Help NOW. Here’s The Answers To The Most Commonly Asked
Questions People Want To Know Before Receiving Dental Care:

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Everyone asks this first.

We can only answer: It Depends. It depends on what your issues are, which requires a proper and complete evaluation.

Once we perform an initial consultation/most complete examination you have ever experienced at a significant discount (only $93, regularly $247 for a $154 savings)…

We will then be able to prepare an immediate diagnosis, and be in a position to provide you a quote on the necessary treatments and procedures that you understand and agree to.

This is the only way we can offer you a professional and ethical fee assessment/treatment plan.

Q. Are your services affordable? Do you offer payments or other financing?

A. Many of our patients’ services are affordable at the time of service.

But, we also see patients who need dental care NOW, but are not able to pay at once. We try to be fair and accommodating to all patients’ medical and financial needs.

The only way we can know for sure what we can do to help you put, is after we have carefully evaluated your dental problems and prepare a customized treatment plan.

Q. When can someone see me? How long does it take?

A. We can normally see you the SAME DAY, CALL NOW AT:


Our Hours:

Monday  9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Tuesday  8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Wednesday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Thursday 8:00 am to 2:00 pm
Friday 8:00 am to 2:00 pm

If you are experiencing an emergency, please call 9-1- 1 immediately.

If you are in non-emergency pain, please call the office now, and our amazing staff will get you taken care of! They will get all the details of your problems, and get you the next available appointment!

Q. Do you take dental insurance?

A. YES. We do accept insurance. We work with all insurance and maximize your benefits.

And… We also have a helpful, low cost, Dental Benefit Plan that offers:

  • Affordable payments
  • Discounts off of our normal fees
  • Free preventive exams and x-rays
  • Free cleanings
  • Braces, whitening, and bite guards

When you come in for your initial evaluation, we can review your specific situation, and discuss how this plan could be useful or if it’s not right for you.

We also accept the following credit cards if you prefer:

  • Care Credit
  • VISA

Q. I’m in pain, when can you help me? how can you help?

A. If you are in pain, PLEASE CALL US NOW! 715-552-1000

We have a $25 coupon to reduce the cost of your emergency visit. You can come in same day, and you’ll get a thorough examination/evaluation, and we can tell you exactly:

  • What’s wrong
  • What options should be considered
  • What the costs are, and what options you have for payment

Q. How would a new patient get started with you, what’s your process?

A. Our process for new patients is as follows:

  1. Complete whiter, brighter cleaning
  2. Panoramic x-ray to check for root infections
  3. Cavity detection x-rays
  4. Most complete exam you have ever had
  5. Review of your concerns, situation, and prioritization
  6. Know the costs and fit within your budget
  7. Reserve a treatment time within your lifestyle

No Insurance? No Problem!
Enroll in our Dental Benefit Plan for a low annual fee of $247

Without dental insurance, many patients cannot afford the cost of necessary dental visits. Lifetime Dental Care is proud to offer you a discounted dental benefit plan. Our plan offers peace of mind for those without dental insurance. Now you too can afford quality dental care for yourself and your loved ones! From the moment you enroll, you can benefit from dental examinations, X-rays, and other preventative dental treatments for a low annual fee of only $247!. That is all you have to pay!  Learn More Now!







Free Exam, Cavity Detection & 3-D x-ray*


*With Insurance: Simple cleaning, comprehensive exam (not 5 min.), x-ray for decay, and 3-D panoramic x-ray. (value $375)

*No Insurance: With a paid $93 simple cleaning, you also get a comprehensive exam, x-ray for decay, and 3-D panoramic x-ray. (value $375)